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Alpine Singers

The Alpine Singers perform Austrian and German folk music in the greater Washington and mid-Atlantic area. They specialize in a capella German and Austrian folk music, often in Austrian dialect. Herbert and Carol Traxler are the founders and leaders of both the Alpine Singers and the Alpine Dancers.

Alpine Singers
The Alpine Singers at the Heurich House for Christmas 2011

2015 Performance for Advent and Christmas

The Alpine Singers will perform at the American-Austrian Cultural Society's Advent Celebration on Saturday, December 5, 5 pm, at the Residence of the Ambassador from Austria, 2419 Wyoming Ave. NW, Washington. DC. SOLD OUT.

Repertoire for the 2015 Advent and Christmas season will include selections from the following :

bullet Es leuchten uns die Sterne bullet In da Winternacht hängan Silberstern bullet Ave Maria bullet Hodaroiri bullet Verschneit sind Berg und Hügel bullet Advent bullet Andåchtsjodler bullet Maria durch ein’ Dornwald ging bullet Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern bullet Marias Wiegenlied bullet Da liegst im Stall bullet Es wird scho glei dumpa bullet Still, still, still bullet Bozner Wiegenjodler bullet ‘s Christkind schlåft ein bullet Da pacem Domine

For further information about the Alpine Dancers and the Alpine Singers, or to confirm practices and performances, contact the leaders:

Herbert & Carol Traxler, 5817 Runford Drive, New Carrollton, MD 20784;; 301-577-3503

Performances of the Alpine Dancers and the Alpine Singers that are open to the public are listed among the Washington Area Cultural Events at

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