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Carol Bloomquist Traxler's Genealogy Page

This page summarizes my research activities and resources for family history. Besides our direct relatives, I am researching our collateral (siblings' and cousins') families.
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Family Trees

The Bloomquist -Peterson Family Tree has as common ancestor Andrew Bloomquist (1835-1901) who married Anna C Johnson (1837-1922), immigrating in 1882 from Sweden to Ashland, WI with sons Frank Oscar, Leander, Charles. Andrew and Anna C. Bloomquist are buried at Moe Cemetery (unmarked graves) near Birch Lake, Wisconsin. Carl August "Gust" Peterson (1849-1905) married Louisa Carlson (1855-1937). They immigrated in 1887 from Sweden to Michigan with their children born in Sweden, including Anna Christina Peterson who married Frank Oscar Bloomquist; they had thirteen children, including my father. Gust and Louisa Peterson are buried in Bessemer, MI.

Collateral relatives [Bloomquist] include the families of [Frank Oscar's brothers] Leander Bloomquist (who married Mae Phillips) and Charles Bloomquist (who married Mathilda Carlson); the families of the many siblings and half-siblings of Anna C. Johnson, including Ida Johnson who married Gust Welin, Esther Elizabeth who married William Nettleton, Hedda Johnson who married Lundberg, John Johnson who married Edith, Axel Nelson (Nelson was his step-father) who married Marie Mattson. These relatives all began their US lives in the Birch Lake area, and many of their descendants still live largely in Ashland and Bayfield Counties in Northern Wisconsin.

Other collateral relatives [Peterson] are the families of Louisa Carlson's brother Conrad Carlson (married Emma Lundahl) and Anna Karin Gunhilde Peterson's siblings, including Conrad Peterson who married Bernice Woodward, Bettie Peterson who married Fritz Hagberg, Emma Peterson who married Guy Staysa, Carl Peterson who married Beatrice Vogart, Frank Peterson who married Gertrude. These families began their U.S. lives in Michigan, but now their descendants live throughout the U.S.

I visited some of the Swedish relatives in the 1970s and plan a trip to Sweden some time in the next few years.

The Langhammer-Heisler Family Tree has as common ancestors Johann Langhammer from Maehrisch Rothwasser, Moravia, Austria (now Cervena Voda, Czech Republic) and Anna Heisler from Tschenkowitz, Moravia, Austria (now Czenkovice, Czech Republic). Johann (John) Langhammer (1877-1961) immigrated to Milwaukee, WI in 1906, and Anna Heisler Langhammer followed (with Otto as a baby) in 1907. In Milwaukee Anne (my mother) and Rudolph were born. The family moved first to River Falls [to Johann's aunt Josefa] and then to Bayflied, WI, where Otto, Anne and Rudolf graduated from high school.

Collateral relatives [Langhammer] include Johann Langhammer's sister Marie Langhammer who married Josef Bubik and had seven children, including Rudolph (who immigrated to Wisconsin) and Olga whom I visited often in Vienna. The ancestors are largely in Austria, having come there after the Germans were expelled from the Sudetenland after WWII. Johann's aunt Josefa Langhammer (1839-1934) married Edward Kreuziger (1947-1922) and immigrated to the River Falls area in southern Wisconsin. Their daughter, Anna, married John Prause. One of their sons, Edward Kreuziger (1847-1922), married Theresa Lexman and had eight children, includin Eda Kreuziger who married Donald Herold and who was the family genealogist for many years. I received a great deal of information from Eda Herold regarding the family, and her daugher Eleanor Heesch continues the family history. Much of the family still is largely in southern Wisconsin or in nearby states.

Other collateral relatives [Heisler] include the families of Anna Heisler Langhammer's siblings. Anna's sister Emilia Heisler married Ernst Walter and they had three children including Theresa who married Hermann Schulmeister. They lived in Karlsruhe and I know their chldren and many of their grandchildren, some of whom are on Facebook. Anna's brother Otto married Mitzi Hubler and she and their two sons lived near Stuttgart. Anna's brother Franz married Marie Katzer and lived first in Tschenkowitz (Austria) and then in Altenburg, Germany, when they were expelled with other Germans from the Czech Republic after WWII. Anna's brother Rudolf married Anna Sonntag and they had four sons. After the family's expellation from Tschzenkowitz after WWII they settled in Augsburg, Germany, where the decendants now live. I last visited with the Schulmeister family in 2008-2009 and the Heisler family in 2014 when several visited us in Vienna.

Online Family Trees

I currently have both the Bloomquist-Peterson and Langhammer-Heisler family trees as private family trees at I have invited some cousins to contribute by viewing, adding or sending photos, and sending me corrections and additions. I would be happy to hear from others who are interested in viewing and perhaps contributing or correcting information in our common family tree. None of the information on living persons is available online, and only those I invite can view the family trees.

Computer program

I am using the program The Master Genealogist (TMG) to organize the data in my family trees. I can share data saved in a GEDCOM file or as a TMG file. I am interested in knowing if any of my relatives are interested in computerized genealogy.


I regularly attend the monthly meetings of the RUG group of TMG users to improve my use of TMG, and I receive their monthly Wholly Genes Newsletter. I subscribe to the excellent weekly Genealogy Guide by Kimberly Powell at, to the Yahoo group Web Site of the Week. Next week I will attend a local meeting of the Prince George's County Genealogical Society to evaluate its usefulness for me. I am a member of the Drott Chapter of the Vasa Order of America and attended their excellent 2009 workshop on Swedish genealogy. I am a member of the Fairfax Genealogial Society and have attended their 2009 workshop featuring German genealogy. I try to attend local workshops if they look useful when I am in the area. In 2014 I attended an excellent seminar in Vienna on genealogy in the Sudetenland, which was extremely useful. I use resources in English and German, and with great difficulty, in Swedish to some limited extent.

Cousins, cousins, cousins!

I am looking for cousins who are interested in collaborating in research. I have a large number of family photographs that I have scanned. I am looking for others who are interested in having the originals (eventually) and digital photos.

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