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Herbert & Carol Traxler, Tanzmeister

Saturdays, November 3, 10 and 17, 2018, 10 am - 1 pm - Viennese waltz lessons taught by Herbert and Carol Traxler.

Held at Congressional Country Club, 8500 River Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20817. Beautiful wooden ballroom floor. Organized by Margaret Bocek in preparation for the Viennese Christmas Ball on December 1. $80 per person for the lesson series. FLYER and REGISTRATION.

"Join us for this popular series of lessons in Viennese Waltz taught by Herbert and Carol Traxler. Honored by the Republic of Austria, the Traxlers have taught the Viennese Waltz to thousands of Washingtonians at such venues as The White House, The Embassy of Austria, Meridian House and The Smithsonian. No prior dance experience required. Couples and individuals are welcome; dancers will change partners frequently throughout lessons."
For reservations: Mrs. Robert Bocek, margaret.bocek@gmail.com

Saturday, November 10, 2018 - 2018 NSAL Viennese Ball

Held at the Cosmos Club, 2121 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC. "The 2017 Ball Features An Elegant Seated Dinner, Grande Marche, Fledermaus Quadrille, Viennese Dessert Buffet; Waltzing to the Music of con brio! Salon Ensemble."
For Ball tickets, contact nsalballregistrar@gmail.com or call 612-296-0109. (Photos from previous balls)

Saturday, December 1, 2018, beginning at 7 pm. A Viennese Christmas Ball (Christmas Ball 2018 announcement) (FLYER & RESPONSE FORM) under the gracious patronage of His Excellency the Ambassador of Austria, with music by con brio!
7 o'clock Chapmagne Reception
8 o'clock Grand March
11 o'clock Fledermaus Quadrille
Join us for an evening of Viennese waltz, polka, quadrilles and ballroom music from around the world. Champagne reception with authentic Austrian desserts buffet, selected wines and coffee.
Congressional Country Club
8500 River Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20817

For reservations: Mrs. Robert Bocek, margaret.bocek@gmail.com
White Tie and Decorations optional. Tickets: $145 per person. Complimentary Valet Parking
The favor of your reply is requested before November 24. Please use the response form with the flyer above.
For reservations, please print and return with a check to: Mrs. Robert Bocek, 15383 Loyalty Road, Waterford, Virginia 20197
Reservations will be held at the door.

Viennese Christmas Ball Viennese Christmas Ball Viennese Christmas Ball Viennese Christmas Ball

Viennese Christmas Ball Viennese Christmas Ball Viennese Christmas Ball Viennese Christmas Ball

Saturday, December 8, 2018. ICDC Viennese Ball at the French Embassy. "Experience a grand celebration of Viennese music & dancing on a wooden floor to a classical orchestra with exquisite Viennese desserts. Experience the splendor and spirit of Vienna and elegance of the waltz."
"Join us on your own or with friends to experience a magical Viennese Ball at the French Embassy, one of the grandest diplomatic venues in DC. An unforgettable gala evening and celebration of Viennese music, desserts, wine and dancing await you. A partner or prior dance experience are not needed to attend, as Viennese Waltz lessons are offered just before the ball. Enjoy a night of dancing to our classical orchestra or watch the twirling silhouettes on the dance floor move to the sounds of the world's most beloved waltzes, and other dance music from around the world. The Salon Orchestra of Washington will perform the world's favorite Strauss waltzes, ballroom music from around the world and the famous Radetsky Grand March. You do not need a date to attend as we expect both singles and couples to join us. Reserve your tickets now."

Previous Viennese Waltz Lessons and Balls, as well as Videos (link)

Herbert and Carol Traxler have taught the Viennese waltz to hundreds in the Washington, DC, area -- at the Meridian House, the Smithsonian, the Kennedy Center, the White House, and the Austrian Embassy. Their Viennese waltz lessons include the Viennese waltz (Linkswalzer, Rechtswalzer, hesitation step), posture, dance etiquette, and the Handkuss (hand kiss), as well as an introduction to the Viennese balls and to the Viennese waltz music of the Strauss dynasty. Other dances enjoyed at Viennese balls are also introduced.

The Traxlers occasionally spend time in Vienna for the ball season. If you are interested in traveling to Vienna for waltzing at some time in the future, please see www.traxlers.org/groups.html for a description of an email group you may join. Information on travel to Vienna is available at Trip to Vienna.

Herbert and Carol Traxler have taught the Viennese waltz to the Opening Committee (cotillion) of young ladies and gentlemen who performed in the Opening Ceremonies of the two Viennese Opera Balls in Washington, as well as to hundreds of interested Washingtonians who attended their waltz lessons at the Austrian Embassy in 1997 and 1998. They also were invited to give lessons to Chelsea Clinton and her friends and young staffers at the White House. In December 1999 they participated in the Smithsonian Associates program "The Splendor and Spirit of Vienna: The Music of Johann Strauss." This led to the series of lessons offered in cooperation with the Smithsonian Associates and eventually to the many series of lessons held at Meridian House. In Fall 2000, the Traxlers taught a series of eight lessons in cooperation with the Smithsonian Associates, held in the Victorian Rotunda of the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building (In the Spirit of Vienna: Learn to Dance the Viennese Waltz). For several years begining in 2001 they taught a lesson series in Viennese waltz and in Polka and Schottisch, and in December 2002 they taught a four-lesson series in Viennese Waltz, Polka, and Mazurka at Meridian House. Early each February (2002 - 2007) the Traxlers teach an intensive Viennese Waltz review session in conjunction with and preparation for the elegant Ball of the Committee for Western Civilization ("OAS Ball"). They also occasionally teach the Viennese waltz at the National Museum of Women in the Arts Ballroom, or in preparation for Viennese waltz balls sponsored by the International Club of DC (ICDC).

During their regular visits to Austria beginning in 1996, the Traxlers attend many Viennese balls (Herbert Traxler served on many Opening Committees for Viennese balls, including the Ball of the Vienna Philharmonic, during his university days in Vienna). In September 1996 the Traxlers were asked to teach the Viennese waltz to participants in a charity event at the Austrian Embassy, which was attended by Ambassador and Mme. Tuerk; this led to their demonstrating and teaching the Viennese waltz to dancers in the greater Washington area at the Embassy of Austria and many other locations, including the White House, the Willard Hotel, the Smithsonian, Meridian House, the National Building Museum, and the Kennedy Center.

The Traxlers share interests in music and folk dance as well as in the waltz. They met while singing with the Washington Saengerbund, and they married in 1988. They founded the Alpine Dancers as a performing group in 1991. The Alpine Dancers perform Austrian and German folk dances throughout the greater Washington area, and from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. The Traxlers continually expand the dance repertoire of the Alpine Dancers by selecting and teaching dances from materials brought back from regular trips to Austria and from dance festivals and workshops in Austria and the United States. Among some in Austria were the 2004-2010 Volkstanzfest der Alpenverein Wien, various other Volkstanzfests, and the Austrian folk dance spring courses in Moedling every year since they began in 1996. In the US, they were instrumentally involved in and dance instructors for German-Austrian Folk Dance Association Tanz Treffen for several years. They were invited to be the instructors for the 2011 Annual Workshop of the North American Federation of German Folk Dance Groups, with a focus on Austrian Folk Dance.

In 1998, the Traxlers were honored by the Republic of Austria with the Decoration of Merit in Gold (Goldenes Verdienstzeichen). In 2005 Carol was awarded the Federal Republic of Germany Friendship Award, and she was the 2005 honoree of the German Society of Maryland and the recipient of a Citation by the Governor of Maryland. In December 2009 Herbert and Carol were the honorees at a Christmas Viennese Ball where former cotillion members and others recognized their many years of training opening cotillions and teaching Viennese waltz and promoting Viennese balls in Washington.

For further detail, see the FAQ and articles in the links below.

Article: Die "Alpine Dancers & Singers" – Volkstanz (und Wiener Walzer) in und um die US Bundeshauptstadt [in German], Der Froehliche Kreis, Wien, Maerz 2008, pp. 4-5. (This is a pdf that will download and open.)

Herbert & Carol Traxler, 5817 Runford Drive, New Carrollton, MD 20784, 301-577-3503, caroltraxler@yahoo.com.

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